The night before

“Here I am, where I ought to be.” ― Karen Blixen, Out of Africa  

Over the last 9 years of our marriage simon and I have literally been everywhere – well almost. There were only two occasions that we found ourselves apart – simon climbing the foothills of Everest and I exploring the ancient surrounds of Angkor Wat.

Its been an endless and exciting journey. Interestingly though over the last two years we have increasingly found ourselves bounded more closely to home. Perhaps its Simon’s endless itch to go to where no one has ever gone before or it could be the longing for endless natural beauty – either way our travels have taken us through deep rivers and sharp terrain from Mallacoota down south to the very northern tip of Australia, Cape York and then to the centre – the Simpson desert.

Each and every place we travelled to, apart from those occasions where the roof of our car became our temporary home, I have always made it a mission of mine to find the most delightful and amazing accommodations to stay at – from a gorgeous Paris apartment in the 20th Arrondissement to the quaint French Chateau in the south of France surrounded by fields of sunflowers to the off the grid beach lighthouse in Tulum, Mexico and then right through to some of the most exquisite locations through Asia including Ceylon Tea trails in Hatton and the former home of a prime minister in Colombo and the remote mountain lodges in the north of Thailand. Very rarely have we been disappointed.

Tomorrow the 30th of September, two weeks short of our 9th wedding anniversary, we start a new adventure – we start to build our forever home in one of my favourite places in all the world – Leura!

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