Lets get started!

A photo taken of the trees on the land before the clearing started.

5 October 2015 – It’s the end of the long weekend and today is the perfect day to visit Leura and see what it looks like after the Huge pine trees were brought down. I couldn’t believe how different the place looks.

Sitting there on the grass at the exact location our Lounge would be and looking down got me all excited. For a moment I could see it all.

After a quick trip into Leura town where flocks of tourists gathered to walk through gardens and take photos by the Cherry Blossoms we got right into clearing what was left over on the land using our hand held chain saws. While cutting down what we were allowed to I couldn’t help thinking about something our neighbour had told us – Paul Sorensen, a famous Danish Landcape Architect famous for his work in the Everglades and around Leura. Apparently our block used to be a Sorensen plant nursery with some remnants of a time long gone. With this in mind the importance of creating a garden that reflected the sprit of a bygone time became even more important. I was so glad that we had asked Myles Baldwin to design the garden. Somehow I knew that if we stick to his vision we would hopefully end up with a garden that was in every way reminiscent of a romantic English garden that Sorensen would have been happy with.

Our first step to preserving the past was listening to one of our neighbours and saving a Japanese Maple Tree that he and his wife had a particular fondness for. With every care we cleared the vegetation that had started to crowd the tree and after a few hours of hard work we called it a day.

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