The Design


Simon and I both knew what we really wanted in our perfect home – he wanted multiple garages with a workshop and a Media room, while I wanted a beautiful English Cottage garden with large windows in the lounge room, a cosy fireplace and cathedral ceilings for good measure. After doing a very rough house plan we then started the tough Job of finding that person who would take our dreams and make them reality.

While working on a designer I started furiously creating boards on Pinterest collecting ideas for the interior and exterior design of the house. There was so much to do and think about.

Our search led us to one designer we thought would be perfect for the type of home we wanted to create – Storybook Homes.

The plans took a while to be drawn up and after the first set of drawings were done in September 2014 we made one final change to the colour of the roof and the type of windows in the lounge and finally we were ready to take it to the next stage – Development Approval through the Blue Mountains Council. What felt like eternity eventually resulted in our DA being lodged on 1 January 2015.



Leura House Design
The more current design with changes made to the roof colour and lounge room windows


The initial design

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