The Block: Laying the Ground work

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ―Henry David Thoreau

I still cant believe how long we have been waiting for the beginning of this build and how quickly before our eyes all that vegetation has gone and only the bare muddy earth remain. And now our Concreter is also doing all the earthworks and ground preparation and putting in the retainer walls – a very important step in our foundation. I was amazed to actually for the first time have a better perspective of where the house stood against the background of our garden which essentially fell away after a steep and quick incline where the retaining wall is being built.

This is the first time that I can actually begin to feel what it would be like living at Walden.

I wouldn’t say everything has gone smoothly though – well what can you expect. If you have watched ever watched Grand Designs you know that a new house build isn’t a new house build without a complaining neighbour, bad weather, and before I forget additional costs due to an unexpected alteration. And all in the first two weeks!

Ok – I have to admit – the weather in the mountains over the last few weeks has been pretty awesome but the clouds that come from the direction of a very upset neighbour that has already given our tradies a good verbal flogging for something that was still within reasonable scopes of the build (i.e. the digging of the trench on the back of the property close to her border) – is not so pleasant. And in fact standing there trying to ensure that something is done about her concerns while she gazes from the second floor of her home isn’t exactly roses and muffins.

At one point during the last two weeks I thought simon was going to explode with pure stress when he was told that we may have to go back to the council to get some additional alterations approved. Thank goodness we sorted that out!

Standing at the very spot where the lounge would be and feeling the afternoon sun warm my face – I saw it – I felt it – and I couldn’t help but smile.

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