A Rambling Morning Walk

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend – Albert Camus
A true friend never ages before your eyes. They grow wiser with words and scars and memories but they never age.
Looking outside – Cassiopeia,Katoomb


With this true friend, this ageless friend of mine, I walked one morning in January side by side towards Katoomba Street. We were rambling of course. Well not until we had one matter of purposefulness fulfilled- the need for coffee. Well when I say Coffee I don’t necessarily mean Coffee. When I say Coffee I mean that morning ritual that takes place in a hipster like cavity where space is always lacking and the sense that you have found the best Coffee in the world pervades your core and somehow makes whatever you taste all the more heightened. Or it can also be a place you simply accidently find because its always a secret. A secret open to all. On this morning we found ourselves purposefully (and not accidently) walking into Cassiopeia. And like many great finds we found ourselves struggling to find a soft spot to sit while we waited for our take away goodness, which eventually did come and satisfied us for at least the next half an hour.  
I must say when I stepped into Cassiopeia I felt like I could have easily have been in Surry Hills, but instead I was a second away from blue skies and mountain air.
I love these morning walks and secret finds with ageless friends. I think the Blue Mountains is one of my favourite place for ramblings like this one and who better to do it with than with an ageless friend.
The menu and Banksy of course
The Coffee Cup Stack – Cassiopeia, Katoomba
Street Art – Katoomba

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