A very quick glance at a little town called Blackheath

“It’s a real community in Blackheath, it’s a real community in Katoomba, it’s a real community in Leura, it’s a real community in Wentworth Falls. They’re all communities.” – Jenny Kee

Most Sydney siders would have heard of, and may even have visited, Katoomba. I am pretty sure though that far less may even know of the existence of that little village only 10 minutes north of Katoomba – Blackheath.

For those who love Leura, then you are also going to love Blackheath.

Blackheath is the highest town in the Blue Mountains and is a great base for those adventure trips into the bush. For some great walking trails go to Map My Walk.

It also is home to a large community of artist including an internationally acclaimed Artist Jenny Kee. Jenny is a true ambassador of the mountains.

During an interview for MTMS made she made it quite clear how she felt about the place she has called home for the last 40 years:

“This is a quality of life that is so extraordinary. We have got the most beautiful air. We have got the most beautiful landscapes. We have got an ancient valley out there that is 350 million years old. We’ve got the ancient flower, the Waratah, that is 40 million years old – it goes back to Gondwanaland…That’s extraordinary. We’re living on a precipice of ancientness, and everyday I look out there and every day I feel blessed as I sit and do my Buddhist practice…I feel humbled by living here. I’m part of the bush, and the bush is part of me.”

For those who love planning their trip I suggest a few links that will keep you informed of any upcoming events. For those wanting to know about any exhibitions that are showing or will show then go to Blackheath Art Society page. For those interested in the Artisan Markets then go to the Blackheath Community Markets page. And of course if you want to hold your own exhibition then a great space that is actually in the main road is Virgin Walls.

If you love food and are staying near Blackheath and want to eat fresh food and cook up a storm then be sure to go to the Blackheath Growers market that takes place every second Sunday at the Blackheath Community Centre. Then again if you actually don’t want to bother with cooking and cleaning up and prefer eating from a local well there are a few to choose from.


This little Piggy Wiggy – the perfect place to pick up some fine foods and anything you need for a picnic
Gleebooks -Blackheath
Anonymous – A Blackheath Local restaurant


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