The colour of the gutters? 

Now that the frames are up we were faced with our first on the spot, never really thought about before, design decision. What colour do we have the fascia and guttering? Should it be white, black or grey. Not having really thought about it before we thought we would take a walk around the neighbourhood. 

It was amazing how many different combinations there were. 

Given I was keen to keep true to the cape cod style of home we decided to go all white, or surfmist, on both the guttering and the fascias. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to really see the difference. 

We also almost had doubts about the nightsky colorbond roofing, but here it is, ready to be installed. 

Now only time will tell….

In the meantime…can you feel the serenity?

3 thoughts on “The colour of the gutters? 

  1. Hi Kasturi,
    I finally caught up with all your adventure so far, you did give me great inspiration to keep fighting one way or another. Our hearts are in the right place and that’s all that matters. This weekend we are meeting with. Couple of builders and I am very excited to hear what they say. I am definitely going to make sometime on Saturday to come and see you amazing project that is coming along nicely. People like you are a credit to the mountains for Inspiring people to JUST DO IT:) Thank you so much for your advice and experience to give me insight to know more things about building and for helping me understand a lot of confusion. Your amazing! Love and light to your beautiful home and I hope it gets done Sooner cause you and your hubby deserve to enjoy it.

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    1. Hi Jessie

      We will be at the block tomorrow after lunch and Monday. Well every weekend my husband will be there. I hope that you find your perfect place. Let me know if you need any more insight. We are happy to help:)

      Take care and see you soon



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