Next Step – Wrapping the House

I don’t look at what people do with their homes in terms of money, but the social and personal value of what they’re trying to do and achieve.
– Kevin McCloud

We are almost half way to getting the house to the Occupancy Certificate Stage. We are so happy to have ticked off some critical steps to the construction and now hope in the next week or so to be able to complete the Cladding and fitting the External Doors.

Over the last weekend we were able to make some progress towards getting the house weatherproof by wrapping the house with HARDIE WRAP.

The Cladding of the house is going to really give the house the shell it needs for us to get a sense for the size and dimension of the house and for the first time we will see how the Colorbond Night Sky roof complements the weatherboard external colours.

Our Neighbours are also constructing their home


Windows now installed
A view of the construction from the bottom of the garden


Good Job boys!

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