Sketching on Walls

Apparently somewhere up the mountains it was beginning to snow again but in Leura the sun was out and my fingers were unmovable – almost frozen. I think the temp gauge in the car said 5 degrees Celsius when we arrived.

The plumber arrived at exactly the same time.

We took him around the house and he asked us questions about where sinks and taps went. This is the difference I guess between having someone build your house and having to do it yourself. Frankly I love the rawness of the excercise. The journey makes you, forces you, to really think about the details, about the experience you truly want, about what your home really means to you. Yes, the decision to put the hand held shower on the wall you would face rather then behind you was purely based on subjective measures – how do we as individuals stand in a shower or which tap would we go to as soon as enter the shower. Small things but that’s what building a house is all about – the small things.

The plumber took his pen out and started to sketch on the wooden frames the exact places we indicated the taps and sinks will be positioned.

Now we know that if we got it wrong we have no one to blame but ourselves. Yikes!

Unpainted weatherboard cladding
Meet our neighbours

The Lounge Area needs a clean up!

The Ensuite bathroom
The Laundry

The main bathroom


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