Cladding, Windows and Doors

The best part of watching a house being built from your living room is that years can go by and it actually just feels like an hour. That is because TV shows like Grand Designs film the build over months and sometimes years but even though we can see it happening we cannot feel it or comprehend the reality of it.

Building our own home gives us back that reality that you can be busy the entire day on a building site and actually feel like nothing gets done.

Its been three weeks since I last posted and during that time we have had some very busy days and some very slow days. We have had family lend a hand and friends drop in to say hello. We have deliberated over 4 shades of white and stood in wind and chill as we prepared the external weatherboard cladding for painting. We have danced to Bob Marley and whistled in silence. We have come to learn to hate window preparation for painting and welcome bed time where we rest our broken bodies ready for another day.

Thoreau once said “What is once well done is done forever“. Perhaps this build is taking forever because it is done well. Only time will tell.

“Mum – its time to go home now I’m freezing cold”
The coolest tradie around
We love our dog visitors
Our neighbours dog inspects my brothers handy work
july 3
A replica of our fireplace


Our Trough Sinks from Heritage Building in Rockdale
The gorgeous Villeroy and Bock Sink from the awesome team at Sydney Tap and Bathroomware where we got most of our fit out for the bathroom and Ensuite



The Hume Door is in – nice and simple from Bunnings



Well – what do you think about the Weathertex shingles

2 thoughts on “Cladding, Windows and Doors

  1. Hi, I have really enjoyed looking at your blog. We are doing a Storybook house in the Southern Highlands – well, apparently we’ve been told the designers started working on our job two weeks ago (after we signed up in March, so we’ve been on the waiting list for a bit). Hopefully we will have some plans soon to look at. So it’s great to see how someone else is progressing along their build. We’ll be doing a lot of the work ourselves which is daunting but exciting. Your wall of windows along your living area look amazing already. Best wishes, Em


    1. Hi Em, thank you for your comment. I love the Southern Highlands and I think a Storybook home would fit right in there. The process can be so frustrating. From memory we had paid Storybook in March and received the design around August/September but the DA was not ready to be put in till Jan 2015 and then we had to wait till Sept 2015 before we got approval. And along the way we have had various issues, as one would expect, but I am just so excited to be at this stage. I would love to see your designs when they are done. What are some of the features in your place you are looking forward to being included in the design? I look forward to hearing from you. All the best too!


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