Filling holes and Sanding means one thing

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” -A.A Milne

Its a Friday. My favourite day of the week.

Normally my mornings are met with a well timed ritual that has become a friend to me, not because I happen to enjoy dressing but because it is the only time of the day when my creative juices are buoyant – floating. As soon as I walk into the office all hell breaks loose and I am on a treadmill of meetings and endless emails and phone calls that are always urgent and catastrophic – and at time stifling to the creative juices.

This particular Friday my morning stayed with me all day.

I wasn’t heading to work today. I was heading to the block and the closer I came to reaching Leura – the louder the melody in my mind seemed to become.

What I loved so much is that I didn’t have to think on the block. And still the sound of Chopin was playing in my mind – quiet and peaceful – juxtaposed to the noise and madness of loud jokes and hollering that I had become accustomed to on site.

Today I had to go back and sand down the putty I had very efficiently used to fill the holes created by the nails in the weatherboard – and there was plenty of them. As always I was very slow to start off, partly limited by the lack of experience, and partly limited by the endless layers of jackets and undergarments I wore to protect myself from the chill. As I began to pick up pace the less I felt the cold. I was told that I had put way too much putty on to fill the holes and that I had to scrape off the excess putty before I could use the sander. Well I listened to that bit of advice for perhaps an hour before I found that the sander did the Job in one go. I loved when I was able to get into that comfortable routine of touch, feel, sand and then feel again to make sure every bump felt soft under my fingers.

I have been told that once I completed this then we were ready to do our first coat of external painting. Now that’s something to look forward to.

Filling holes and sanding means just one thing – we are ready to paint!

Tommy getting the Gyprock done

The first room in the house with the Gyprock Walls Cladding done – The Garage!

While Tommy does the Gyprock the guys suffer in silence as they put in the Installation and have to deal with the annoyance of fibreglass on their skin

I love a clean Job Site!

The Kitchen

The Letter Box I have in mind (Found at Mitre 10 Leura)

I love this firewood storage – Oblica BIG O – found at Thornton + Blake Leura

A cool product I found at Thornton + Blake – Gerflor, an easy to install  Vinyl Flooring – who would have thought Vinyl could be cool!




Jakes Chair – Another great find at Thornton + Blake – Not for sale – but you can make it – you just need the patience. I would paint it white and place it in the verandah.

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