Smiley White, Gyprock and Plaster

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
Henry David Thoreau, Walden   

When I was asked to pick a white for the exterior for what seemed like the millionth time I was grateful for the presence of a friend who had come from Dubai to visit me. She was sure smiley white was the white for us and just like that I rejected the 5 other shades of white that had been painted on the weatherboard cladding for my appreciation. I knew one thing, despite the interjection from the site manager (my bro in law) smiley white was bright indeed but bright is exactly what I wanted – bright, blindingly bright, happy, a brightened crisp colour that would remind me of what the mountain air did to my mental palette.

which white?

Slowly but surely the skeleton of the home was beginning to get covered with Gyprock and this house was slowly turning to the home that we had painstakingly designed over the course of 2 years.

In addition to the Gyprock the real sign we were getting closer to lock up was when the Garage guys came and installed the frame of our Garage Doors which my bro in law will later build on to make look like the carriage doors I wanted.

The Garage Frame is installed

Finding garage doors that I like wasn’t easy. The only place that seemed to tick all the boxes was Personality Garage doors in Mona Vale but we wanted to save money on the doors (after being quoted around $13,000) and given we were already significantly over budget after the foundation costs and roofing turned out to be much more expensive then expected we thought a chippy could probably do the job – hopefully!

Carriage Doors from Personality Garage Doors

If you asked me what my favourite feature of the house at the moment was I would be tossing up between the wooden beams that were installed to sure up the peaked ceiling and the Cheminee freestanding fireplace. We had an accredited installer come in and build the core of the fireplace hearth and the fireplace with its exposed flue. I personally think it looks amazing with its rawness and sophistication. For me the fireplace was an essential if we were going to create a cosy mountains home.

Recently we have hit quite a few exciting milestones. The doors and locks have arrived and the house is now at lock up stage.

So with the house now at lock up and the plasterer already having completed his first coat I know that the next 4-6 weeks are just going to be phenomenal and mind blowing. Stay tuned!

Cheminee 7003V – three sided fireplace
The fine lines of the Cheminee 700 3V Fireplace

A glimpse of what white weatherboard and black colourbond roof looks like
Front Door Knob sourced online
The Weathertex Shingles painted in Smiley White
Wood Boards being installed
Sketching the fireplace
Internal Doors
Scott from, Hinds Electrical in Canberra and my brother in law doing a fine Job
Thanks to Harmony Stone and my brother for delivering and unloading the goods we now have most of our tiles here ready to be load

The Bathroom is now ready for Rendering and Tiling

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