If you had a few hours

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.


The trouble is that we never seem to have time. When I am asked how I am I have found my self retorting to the stock standard response: I have been so busy lately, its crazy, and I cant wait for a break.

The fact is that we can turn our phones off. Shut out social media (for a moment) and pack a bag with a few necessities like your camera, a good book and a picnic blanket and then drive. It seems hard but it can be done and more than once.

Recently I told my boss that I was going to be off work for a week. Yes a whole week. And together with a dear friend, who has the same fondness for the spontaneous, I set off on a road trip.

It wasn’t about turning off completely because I found this time invaluable. It allowed me to think about my work but from a different angle and with more creativity and energy than I would have surrounded by constant demands and never ending pressure to produce.

We based ourselves in Katoomba and then set off exploring. And here is a little photographic taste of our adventure which included checking out Govetts Leap at Blackheath and driving down into the Megalong Valley to have Scones and Jam at the Tea Rooms and then on a separate day driving from Leura to Orange where we had lunch at a quaint little town near Orange called Millthorpe and had dinner at Vespa’s in Blackheath.

Its the type of road trip I can do over and over again.

Govetts Leap – the day before it was foggy and surreal because the fog made this entire scene appear like one gigantic cloud





The beauty of the country side is so humbling (this photo was taken not far from Orange)
One of the Millthorpe Locals


The best Bread and Butter pudding and Devonshire tea around at the Megalong Tea Rooms


Dinners at Vesta was beautiful and a perfect ending to a perfect day



Vesta’s Blackheath – where the magic happens

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