The beauty of Cement Render in the bathroom

Beauty is only skin deep but boy does it take a long time to achieve particularly when applying a render.

For the last few years devouring home and house magazines and seeing the matured version of the love child created by passionately insane people with their hip pads and carefully curated “mess” and strategically placed children and fur creatures became my most treasured moment. 

Then came Pinterest. And well that simply ruined any hope I had to keep tech at a safe distance (hoping that I could prove wrong the most obvious of contradictions that face nature loving hipsters who need to share their ideas with the world !).

Now it was my turn to make my vision into my reality. 

This was the bathroom I wanted (found on Atelier’s website) with its earthen minimalistic tones and organic hues, it felt right and fit in exactly with the soul of the home I had sketched in my minds eye. 

So I asked around and found that only very specialised tradies seemed to know how to do it and would charge around $230 per square meter.

I did find a company called Render It Oz but they were based in Melbourne and used a product called Tadelakt. They were kind enough to reccomend me someone in the blue mountains but in the end I had one real job – to save money where possible. 

Then I found CimentArt Australia. They were the only distributors of a thin cement render product that would be perfect for wet areas. The catch is that if you wanted to buy the product you had to attend their workshop at their store in Sutherland which my husband did and was quite happy doing. The team at CimentArt were great. Applying the product was a different matter. It took Simon 10 hours to put the base coat on to the ensuite and bathroom walls. 

While it was back braking work we saved money and loved the results. We now need to wait till it dries before we put on the final application.

In the end we saved almost 50% on the total cost and it felt great being so involved with the processes that would eventually transform into our very own work of art.

Simon slowly getting the hang of it.what else would I do during the break?

My job was to mix the products in their right proportion. If I got it wrong the colour would have been inconsistent and patchy. I enjoyed watching the cement mic turn from a dark blue to a grey as I continued to stir.

Now I can’t wait to get back to the block to see what the walls look like when they are dry!

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