The Painter

Painting can be a neck breaking task. For people like me the paint brush can only be utilised in moments of self expression with a kadinksky like mess that is reinforced by those dark lines, measured depth and meaningful resourcefulness. In other words I paint to express my inner colour, my inner madness, my inner quiet.

Painting is a neck breaking task when you are looking up at the ceiling for countless hours and painting white on white. You would think it’s straightforward but it’s not and unfortunately I don’t have the patience for it.

Thankfully we have a true professional on the job who turns from musician to painter at a drop of a hat. And believe me he has many fine hats.

Painting a house is about creating perfection in layers. I saw that today and while I felt like I hardly contributed it was great seeing such passion and perfection come together.

Tip for the day – keep looking for those imperfections and then fix them!

Contemplating an Apple
Lunch break at Ruby Fruit, one of my favourite Lunch spots
The Ceiling above the stairs
Stair Skeleton

Looking into the house from the Lounge



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