Great Chicago glowed red before our eyes. We were suddenly on Madison Street among hordes of hobos, some of them sprawled out on the street with their feet on the curb, hundreds of others milling in the doorways of saloons and alleys. “Wup! wup! look sharp for old Dean Moriarty there, he may be in Chicago by accident this year.” We let out the hobos on this street and proceeded to downtown Chicago. Screeching trolleys, newsboys, gals cutting by, the smell of fried food and beer in the air, neons winking–“We’re in the big town, Sal! Whooee!” – On the Road, Jack Kerouac

I thought it could have been a scene from On the Road when I pulled out of Craigend Street Leura as the weather turned for the worst and the fog made it impossible to see more than 25 meters ahead of you. I was far away from some hobo filled saloon believe me! Yet there was something about the mist and the old 50’s Chev that pulled up slowly behind us and then disappeared just as mysteriously as it had appeared. Maybe Jack was in that car heading to some place where he could meander in a beat like fashion while us everyday hobos got on with life.

Well before the fog took over we were experiencing a completing opposite visual experience back on the block.

Finally, after going nuts at Beacon Lights, our little project took another step forward and now we had light!


Notice how the last lamp on the right is yellow – a problem we found with some of our lights



This is an automatic sensored light that will turn on at night if you need to use the toilet.


Simon and Scott adding the final downlights


Our way to a weekend stay on Sublime Point Road
The view from our stay on Sublime Point Road – Pretty Awesome


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