So Close but So Far

‘I think people often use their house as a means to try to change themselves. It’s foolish, because people don’t necessarily change. Rather than imagining what would make you happy, it’s a much more clever idea to remember what makes you happy. I’d like to reflect those values, rather than base your design on a collection of brands you’ve seen in a magazine. Often you go into some people’s houses and it’s another white box with a glass wall, and it’s full of B&B Italia. It’s lovely, but where is the story in all of that? Where is the personal expression? What have they done? The great thing about having a house designed for you is that it’s not just you commissioning something, it’s having yourself built into the building.’ – Kevin McCloud

It has now been almost 2 months since I posted last. Perhaps it has been the most stressful two months we have had yet.

Perhaps its the fact that all the milestone dates we had set down have long past.

Perhaps it because we have actually run out of money and are now relying on family and friends and the goodness of our tradies – until of course the banks finally give us the money.

Perhaps its because its been a long year.

I can safely say this that we are now  very close.

Now all we need is a wink and a prayer.




househouse5house7house8house10Processed with VSCO with a6 presethouse12


2 thoughts on “So Close but So Far

  1. Hi, I have commented once before as we too are building a storybook home in bundanoon. I have been eagerly awaiting your next post to see how it’s all going. Your house is looking great!!!! Hang in there. They always say the last part is the hardest. We are still to begin actual work. It was approx 8 months for storybook to get plans ready for council. From there we were fortunate and council approved in 3 weeks. But then Christmas hit, so it was difficult to get trades. We are booked in to start site works on 26 Jan, which will be a milestone. Fortunately for us the land only has a slight slope, good soil and no trees or bush to remove, so it should be fairly simple (fingers and toes crossed) to level and put holes and trenches in. I hear you regarding budget. We have just enough (we hope) to get to lock up and then we will need to visit the bank again. We have started a few fit-out things already though – my husband has built the bathroom vanities, and part of the kitchen cabinets – shaker style. And I have laybyed our wood heater which was very exciting, as well as a few feature tiles seeing as Beaumont tiles is currently having 26% off sale (though the bulk of tiles will be from TFO). It can be challenging making choices while seeing the finished product in your mind’s eyes and imagining the flow of the wntire house coming together. Neverthelessbit is fun all the same. Sending you best wishes and energy and strength in the final lap of the house building marathon, and I look forward to more posts. Em


    1. Hi Em, thank you so much for checking in! I am so excited for you guys and I must say you are very lucky that the council only took 3 weeks. Wow! so much better than blue mountains council. I cant wait to see photos of your place. Its great to have a hubby who is so handy. The shaker cabinetry sounds a treat. I think the banks have problems with owner builder loans but I have confidence we will get there:)

      I am going to put some more photos up when the stairs are done and the kitchen is completely done. It is all very exciting and our tradies have worked hard. I love bundanoon! Great spot.
      All the best for the 26th. My thoughts will be with you guys!


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